Tracy Guarino founded Guarino Advisors partnering with subject matter experts to deliver proven strategy to guard and protect your business.

As the former CEO of ForceX, she led the successful sale of ForceX to a multibillion-dollar defense company. Tracy sees opportunities throughout a company and creates sound approaches to drive growth, working with leaders to expand their thinking and develop a clear, concise strategy. Tracy is a valued and credible voice in risk advisement, financial decision-making, selecting strategic partners and establishing governance boundaries.

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Tracy has deep experience in Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance. She developed aerospace technology to assist our armed forces in monitoring hot spots around the world and apprehending terrorists. Tracy oversaw reengineering of ForceX’s software offerings, that allowed it to enter global and domestic law enforcement, paramilitary and military operations. She repositioned ForceX as a recognized and credible player in the global C4ISR industry.  Their technology is also applicable to assist law enforcement and natural disaster responders around the world.

Tracy and her network of trusted advisors consult with companies to assess risk, particularly when making a digital transition or responding to new trends. She serves as a civic business leader with in-depth understanding of the challenges of emerging technology.

Tracy earned an MBA from Vanderbilt University’s Owen School of Management and is a Certified Public Accountant.

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Experience as a Corporate Board Director

Tracy Guarino has the experience to participate as corporate board director on an audit, finance or risk committee. If you are seeking a new board member, reach out. View Tracy’s bio and resume here.

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